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Your pet should have its own feed trough and a drinking fountain for cats is basic, so in our animal shop we present a wide range of accessories such cats. If you are someone who you talk to your cat, ask which you like best. Although it will be much more practical than glance at them calmly all our repertoire of waterers and feeders for cats , to choose the one you like best for their materials, colors, size or ornamentation.

But besides aesthetics, also they have to take into account other issues, because if you do not acertáis, you will find that your cat refuses to eat on the item you bought. So we will try to give you some keys to make the best choice.

The most appropriate cat feeder

The first factor to consider is the age of our animal. For younger kittens have to buy their own food and water bowls. Not to be stingy and buy a big one that will be worth a lifetime. They need a small, shallow trough, and as they grow soon notice that they need a different size accessory wider and deeper, not so much for the amount of food, and because their whiskers do not remain compressed within the trough.

And the second factor to assess is the race of our pussycat. There are breeds such as Persian cats, snub face, and they prefer shallow troughs, while the big cats like Maine Coon or Ragdoll prefer the opposite, wide and deep troughs.

Materials feeders cats

In our shop online animals you see there is food and water bowls for cats of any size, and are going to find in different materials. All brands such as Trixie , Ferplast or Arquivet show their metal stainless steel models, facts ceramic or plastic feeders for cats.

Of course, many of these models are in different colors and even decorated with different illustrations, which makes them more attractive, especially for cat owners than for the animal. Instead, what if the cat is grateful that these objects of their household is slip, so that you do not move the food. And also thank above all grown cats with arthritis, accessories shaped legs to raise their food and water bowls.

Automatic feeders for cats

Feeders, but also automatic waterers for cats . In the case of automatic feeders for cats they have a huge advantage, and those that are programmable, allowing us to forget the bowl of food to fill our pet. On the other hand this type of automatic feeders, also act as cat food dispenser, which is very appropriate in those animals prone to obesity.

Furthermore, this type of cat food dispensers are also very useful in the case of animals that instinctively pretend to hunt their food, they prefer to take the sails or for fun usually pull the feeder. Thanks to these automatic feeders can correct this type of behavior.

While we are speaking of automatic waterers for cats, also could be called sources. The sources of water for cats are very interesting because they provide running water to cats, that's how they like drinking it. You have to know that felines by carnivorous hunter instinct tend not feel very thirsty, so it is good to help them with this kind of drinking fountains for cats, thus facilitating consumer long you appreciate your health.

Other criteria for choosing the feeder and waterer our cat

We have already given some ideas about this type of elements, but there are still more points to value. For example, it is very important that drinkers, especially cats feeders are easy to clean. For that we have named materials such as stainless steel, plastic or ceramic are ideal because they also have properties that make them waterproof, so they do not absorb or retain odors.

This issue of cleanliness is important. Actually it is like our food dish wash after each use. As in the case of cat feeder, alike. Especially for hygiene and health. As for health, also cats can suffer skin allergies and some the can produce not only food, but the feeders themselves. So observe, for example if you have a plastic feeder and has skin irritation or feline acne, try to change it to a ceramic or metal trough, to see if that works out.

More accessories for cats

In the section of our online store for pets reserved for food and water bowls of cats also you find other related products. Such as containers of cat food . Some practical storage containers conveniently and sealed their food.

And here you will find different products like mats or nonskid mats and anti-splash to place on them food and water bowls cat and get your food area is clean. And also have different filters available from each of the sources of water, that ye may now renew parts and following the manufacturer 's instructions.