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Cat colonies

The feline friends are a pet easy care and maintenance. These are small furry fans is constantly cleaning and wiping them and preening.

Cats do not have smell in their fur. However, if they have a characteristic odor that represents the hallmark of each cat.

Within hygiene products for cats of Miscota.es are the colonies for cats, which have been gradually gained acceptance from the owners of domestic cats.

Perfumes and colognes cat

Before there was a misconception that pointed to the colonies for cats as evil products because burning their fur, but the reality is that there are properly developed colonies, on the contrary, are allies in the cleanliness and hygiene of the cat.

Cat colonies allow your pet to go leaving a flash of scent with rich aroma in its path, taking into account that they are animals with a deep sense of cleanliness.

You will be surprised the variety of cat colonies in our online store for pets. We have different presentations and flavors, which identifies the personality of your cat?

If you know how to apply the colonies, these no smearing or stain your cat's fur. Moreover, the cat colonies can be applied when you see fit directly from the dispenser or a brush for massage deserved or brushed coat.

Perfumes cat

Cat perfumes do not contain alcohol and PH is usually neutral to avoid skin irritation because they are very sensitive.

In Miscota.es you will find a variety of perfumes for cats that applying after conventional bath or too dry, will generate an effect of freshness, and a very pleasant smell in the animal.

Perfumes for cats should be applied at a distance from the animal, avoiding contact with eyes and mucous membranes. You will be surprised by its long duration and pleasant fragrances.

Cat colony brands

Your faithful furry friend deserves to be pampered and loved, so you can select colonies for cats online security to find quality and variety.

From soft aromas for them and for them, here you can find online cat colonies produced by widely recognized brands that have made their products thinking of your pet, as Arquivet , Chadog , Lobcar , Novopet .

Miscota offers you products of hygiene and care for cats that are not dangerous for your pets.