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If you have a dog at home, you know. Much of the day, the animal passes lying placid and relaxed in the corner of the house that has been told is his lair. Therefore, it is your favorite home, the space where it is hours and hours, and certainly we must ensure that as comfortable as possible for him to be comfortable and in some positions as healthy.

Dog bed

Yes. When we talk about den, actually we are referring to his bed. A dog bed is a mat, sometimes with raised edges or not. On it, your pet will lie and you can forget about it for many hours. Of course, for that to be found comfortable. It is therefore important to find the right one for him. To achieve this, almost enough to buy the most appropriate to their size. That is, that the animal to lie on it and fit perfectly, but not only shrunk in any posture, however stretched that is. For that there are brands that specialize in this type of dog accessories models showing their beds in different sizes as Wuapu or Alcott .

Once solved the problem of size, the issue of comfort we take it for solved given the guarantee of all products listed in Miscota. But we still have two issues to resolve. Should one carry arms on the edges a bed of dogs? It depends, there are many dogs that do not like, and others love that feeling of closing their space, they come to use as a cushion.

And the second issue is the colors and patterns of the bed. The truth is that the aesthetic issue, our dog delegated entirely on us. It gives quite the same. Are you and your tastes who must choose several criteria, if you want to be much noticeable stains (that will be), if you want to intone with the rest of the furniture in the living room or have a particular color mania. I said, yourself. If you look at our section of dog beds you will see that we have a huge variety, so we are sure you're looking for .

Mattresses and cushions for dogs

Sometimes the luckiest dogs have within the same household bed and other auxiliary furniture scattered around different rooms. These canines furniture is as simple as a mattress for dogs , which do the same thing in his bed: sleep and rest for hours. The truth is that our pet is not particularly distinguish between his bed, a mattress or soft cushion for dogs, except for the time of day you use it, and especially by the company having around. Because if it is night and is in the bedroom he used as a bed. And if it is day, their owners are eating in the living room and he is lying on his mattress in front of the television, it is also her bed. That simple.

While he is comfortable, he will use it to its absolute relaxation. He gives equal the manufacturer of your mattress that can be Trixie, Yagu, Ferplast or others. The only important thing for them is that these cushions and mattresses for dogs to be comfortable, to notice as little as possible the hardness of the soil. Something that is also important for us, because if you do not feel comfortable, they will not hesitate to try to climb again and again to the chair, the couch or your bed.

Avoid them, in addition to filling those hairs furniture, slowly they will go by the owners of our resting place. If the dog is small, it can be bearable, but if it is medium or large, it will be a real torture. So do not hesitate, I educate him to be in your mattress for large dogs and certainly buy him one in which you are comfortable. Surely among those we offer in our online pet store you find one that you like.

Rugs and carpets dogs

In addition to mattresses or cushions, you can also opt for carpets or rugs dogs . No equally practical for our dog lie down, and also has some other advantage given its greater ease of use.

On the one hand a carpet can be very handy when we took our pet travel as there are carpets of dogs that are ready to be rolling and llevárnoslas where is, as is the case of some models FitPAWS or MRC While there dog blankets very practical precisely to avoid ruining us a chair or sofa with her hairs. For example, there are blankets Rogz or Milu that can be put on the upholstery of our triplets, so that our dog alone climb in the indicated area.

Another option: a sofa for dogs

Yes. If you do not want to share your couch with your pet, buy your own. In our section chairs for dogs we show almost as many models as design and upholstery shop in a human furniture. As already mentioned, these tones and shapes your dog give you the same. What interests him is your comfort and your plush texture, your skin or polyester, as you will see sofas for dogs in all these materials.

In fact, this type of sofas, are very similar to the cradles for dogs, which we associate with the stage of puppies, but can also be useful throughout life, especially in the case of small dogs because for great it is better to resort to their mattresses and cushions.

Finally, browse our online pet store and find everything you need for the rest of your dog .