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Nail clippers for dogs

There are several aspects to consider when to cut your dog's nails. The first thing to know is that not every nail clippers for dogs is adaptable to all races, as the functionality of each design depends on the thickness and size of the nail.

In you can find diversity in sizes, the most they marketed are the big dog nail clippers and the nail scissors for dogs. The preference varies according to the size of the nail, the size of the animal, and the technique used to perform this task.

Big nail clippers for dogs

By using large nail clippers for dogs it is important that you consider certain recommendations, because failure to do this job properly, you can hurt your dog, even creating aggressive behavior and rejection.

First you must carefully hold your dog, any involuntary movement can damage the court, and is also recommended that you keep entertained with some article, talking or giving any food.

You need to know the precise cut of the nail. The nail has a base or matrix, which spend a lot of nerves, so you must take care not to cut near that area, as this would generate severe pain the dog also may cause bleeding. So it's good to have close some special lotion to stop bleeding if it gets to happen.

The use of large nail clippers for dogs in small dogs can be a great disadvantage when making the cut, in cases like these the use of nail scissors dog can be a good choice. It is also necessary to file the nails, although cut, to prevent the animal to scratch or hurt someone.

Nail clippers for dogs Artero

Artero is a leading manufacturer of various products for all kinds of brand pet. This brand offers various designs of nail clippers, including Guji style with these items should care cutting is very accurate and if done in the wrong place can cause damage that later generate infections.

In our online pet store you can find besides the dogs Artero nail clippers, nail files this brand, guaranteed by veterinarians and very necessary for the maintenance and hygiene of your dog. also offers you nail clippers available to other companies recognized as Trixie , Ferplast , among others. The most important thing is that before choosing, consult your veterinarian about the models and more viable to keep in good condition your dog's nails techniques.