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By Aida Torres

Aida Torres

Sturdy dog bed with excellent quality.

Mattress Wuapu - oval shaped

Great dog bed with removable pillow. The fabric repels hair therefore it is easy to clean, durable and modern design.

Many dog owners fear that the dog will rip bed apart, some had to change dog bed because old one was found broken. This usually happens because dogs are not trained and educated, also some dogs find it interesting to play with the bed and bite in it. Teach your dog that bed is not a toy and provide your dog with things that he can actually play with. It is important to teach your dog that you are the boss so he respects you and the things you say.

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Wuapu Bed "Red Oval"



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Features Wuapu Bed "Red Oval"

  • Reference8435038478170
  • BrandWuapu
  • ColorRed
  • SizeGrande, S, M
  • ColorsRed
  • Shape

Description Wuapu Bed "Red Oval"

Sexy Wuapu beds are made of polyester and cotton and are waterproof, thus isolating your pet from moisture and increasing comfort.

They have 2 practical handles and a removable inner cushion, which can remove the cover for washing.

This fabric also prevents the dog's fur sticking to it.

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