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Pond Filters & Water Pumps

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Filters and pumps for ponds

All fish require clean water, that has the right conditions to suit the environment. This is achieved by placing high - end equipment to treat the water to always look clean and free of any impurities.

In , you will find a wide variety of filters that help you get a clean, clear water.

Pond filters

Something that should be present in the place where they live fish are filters and ponds, these teams are essential for maintaining the water.

Here you will find filters for fish ponds known brands such as: Eheim , Hagen , Tetra .

UV pond filters

One of the biggest problems in your pond algae growth is around (green water) thanks to UV pond filters and this will not be a headache.

Your pond will be free from all unicellular algae, thanks to UV pond filters, an apparatus having inside a tube of ultraviolet light that helps prevent the growth thereof. With these filters parasites, fungi, bacteria and viruses by helping to remove any micro-organism that harms fish and plants are removed.

Pond pumps

A necessary equipment should not miss are the pumps for ponds. These teams are also necessary, since help keep the water in constant movement helping to oxygenate.

In our online shop you can select from a variety of pumps for ponds, which also bring including filtration systems to clean any impurities that are in place and that may affect your fish.