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Nail Care Conejo

The nail care for Rabbits is not a subject to neglect, the nails of your pet continually and quickly grow so we recommend that courts at least once every two weeks.

Although nails rabbit is no problem in their natural habitat, they wear alone either running or digging, as the domestic pet nail care for Rabbits is of great importance.

Due to the rapid growth of the nails of rabbits you should take your pet to the vet or cut yourself, especially when they begin to curl over. If you want to not use nail clippers Rabbits in your pet then we recommend filing them.

It is important the method you choose to take care of your rabbit's nails, a bad cut can cause problems to move progressively have injuries over time.

In our online pet store you can get the necessary products for nail care for rabbits , we have nail clippers and files for rabbits

  • Nail clippers Rabbits


Take care of your pet care with our nail clippers Cobayas, with these you can avoid excessive growth of the nails of your pet that can then lead to problems in their legs. You must be attentive to the blood vessel that is within your fingernail.

Use the nail clippers Rabbits wisely, help yourself to a snack to keep you distracted and immobilized, cut only the tip of the nail, she goes through a vein that could make your rabbit bleed heavily if touched.

  • Limas for Rabbits


Ideally , cut the nails of your rabbit at least once every two weeks, but if you're afraid to hurt your pet can then use the file to prevent rodents that hurt him. However, you should also do so with caution.

You should be aware that using nail clippers for Rabbits is faster than filing process, so that the process of filing as longer can make your pet uneasy and want to move.